Scientific research has proven that termites do not randomly forage. They seek, in fact, specific food source locations by sensing temperature gradients. The patented HomeGuard™ Monitoring System creates an exaggerated "thermal shadow" that attracts termites naturally.
How it works

Most baiting systems on the market were patented in the early 90's. We like to call them 1st generation control systems since they were all developed based upon the belief that termites randomly search for food, thus making it a game of chance to trap termites. This belief is False.

We know that termites do not randomly forage and can detect food sources. One common example or illustration:

Trees fall in the forest every day. The tree begins to grow fungus and acquires moisture in order to help the natural decay process. This moisture content allows for the ground below and surrounding to stay cooler throughout the day. We know termites have the ability to thermally detect and check for temperature gradients. This factor allows them to verify food sources quickly and accurately. Our stations use our patented Thermal Shadowing feature for easier termite monitoring, identification and attracting of termites. Simply put, we have copied nature's process and designed a station that attracts termites.

Fact did you know?
There are termites in the desert. Scientists determined 20 years ago that termites might not randomly forage for food. They predicted that since no species in the world inefficiently waste energy, especially in a harsh desert environment, subterranean termites probably do not either. We know that termites are still living in the desert with few available food sources. Common sense tells us they must have a way to detect and locate food and water sources. If they relied on blindly staggering around hoping to bump into food in the harsh desert environment, they would have gone extinct long ago.

( see: Location of Food Sources by Subterranean Termites - G. ETTERSHANK, J.A. ETTERSHANK AND W. G. WHITFORD )

Why you need HomeGuard™ Termite Monitors.

Mother nature uses termites to recycle trees. Your structure was most likely built in an area that had many trees. The trees were removed but not the termites. These termites are still using their ability to thermally detect food. Your structure has a foundation (ie: concrete slab, crawl space or basement) that creates a Thermal Shadow equal to that of many fallen trees. Both the foundation and a fallen tree create moisture under themselves, causing a thermal gradient change, detectable by termites. Your structure's image imitates a huge food source and without proper protection, it is!!!

Chemical barriers, which only last a short time, and are only as good as the application, will eventually fail. Other termite monitors without our patented Thermal Shadowing feature cannot attract the numbers of termites as the HomeGuard™ Termite Monitors or consistently match the speed of “hits”. Do not gamble with your structure. The truth is, our monitors work. Do not take a gamble on monitors that rely on random foraging. Random in this situation, is a very scary word.

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