Our patent 5,899,018 exhibits elements that combine both art and science. The thin fluting technology of our corrugated cellulose fiber (CCF) matrix affords us the highest efficiency heat exchange in the smallest package. The termite monitoring tube shape improves thermal transfer of aquatic properties. The main problem in regards to the manufacturing of an enhanced thermal surface area inside the tube is the compatibility to termites at a commercially acceptable price. The thermal dynamics of the 5,899,018 tube begin with the formation of the unique helical wave forms of the CCF's convexity. The method of partially implanting increases the surface area over a shorter linear length. This combination exposed to the thermal radiation of the Sun dramatically induces turbulence and culminates in an enormous increase in overall thermal transfer of properties. In patent 5,899,018 the tube exhibits superior characteristics in air to air, water to gas, gas to water and finally on the exterior water back to gas. This effect is patent 5,899,018 superior thermal transfer applications.

The transferred state of water in a solution to a gaseous state
The concept of the gaseous state offers a simple explanation of the properties of water such as diffusion and saturation. As increasing numbers of molecules in a gaseous state of water increases their freedom to move in all directions the number of them that return to a liquid solution phase would be corresponding much greater after dark. Finally a water saturated condition achieves equilibrium. This is achieved when the rates at which the molecules go into and out of solution are equal only then the state of balance or equilibrium is established. This effect is patent 5,899,018 superior ability to achieve equilibrium.

Osmotic Pressure
The diffusion of water into a gas is resisted by placing fluted permeable cardboard partitions between the liquid and gas volumes. The general nature of this phenomenon may be observed by implanting so-called permeable membrane in this case fluted cardboard and then immerse it in water. Applying the exterior shell and lid of patent 5,899,018 offers a restriction to the free circulation of water allowing it only to exit from the bottom. The greater passage of water is from the diluted state into the cooler concentrated solution. When the hydro static pressure becomes significantly great because of the entrance of the new water through the membrane, (cardboard) the two opposing tendencies are balanced and the passage into or out of the cell temporarily ceases. The hydrostatic pressure is then equal to the osmotic pressure. This fact allows patent 5,899,018 to remain super saturated at daytime while continuing to lose moisture exiting the bottom that is heavily cooler and more condensed at night then the above being held in place by osmotic pressure. These resources are replaced consistently from shallow aquifer reserves that are unique to each geographical location, time of day and season. This effect is patent 5,899,018 superior ability to achieve equilibrium using osmotic pressures against hydro static pressures.
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